Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Ginny Martin

I hold a BS is Elementary Education and a PA Teaching Certificate but have taught in Christian Schools in WV, TX and SC. For 17 years I homeschooled my four children here in PA. All four have graduated from college; one has a master's degree and one is currently in grad school. Two of our children attended Christian college and two attended secular schools, specifically music conservatories. I have much experience with college applications, scholarships and financial aid or alternative financing methods.

Since fall of 2007 I have been teaching remedial language arts at Paradise School for Boys. The boys I work with are usually between 12-17 years old but some are reading at a very low level. They are all considered "emotional support".

I have been evaluating for 16 years and am adaptable to all types of homeschooling methods and materials.

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