Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

During My High School Career, I struggled both academically and socially in public school. My parents watched helpless as I went further down the path toward self destruction. In an attempt to save me, they sent me to private school. I began to flourish academically and emotionally, but our lack of financial means only allowed for three months worth of tuition.

When my parents asked if I would try this "homeschooling" thing, I absolutely refused! I spent 10 years in public school and saw no advantage to home schooling. Finally, (and with the added incentive of karate classes) I accepted the challenge of home schooling for my last three years of high school. It was such a rewarding experience for me that I worked through the summers and graduated a year ahead of my class.

The rest is history. I fell in love with the art of teaching and learning concepts, became an educator (Special Education, Reg Ed, Math & History) and eventually an administrator in urban, suburban, and even rural public schools. Nevertheless, I am a vocal and ardent supporter of home schooling, which is why I continue to offer my services as an evaluator.

Stephen Rodriguez
Pottstown High School

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