Lynda Olson

I currently hold an active Pennsylvania teaching certificate in Secondary English, and at the present, I am using my education and experience professionally working as an SAT Essay Evaluator (since 2005) and running a small resume writing and career counseling business (since 2010), Olson Resume and Career Services. (

In addition to my current professional activity, I have a versatile teaching history, spending 10 years delivering education in a wide range of capacities, and this experience has prepared me to serve you effectively as a homeschool evaluator. My credentials include:

(If you are in need of an evaluator with skills in Special Education, these graduate studies would likely motivate a superintendent to provide written permission for me to evaluate your child with special needs.)

As I embark on my own journey of education at home with my children, I am excited to assist you in providing an authentic, effective, and life-applicable education for your children as a homeschool evaluator. Together, we can prepare our children for a fulfilling future.

I am also available to teach employment-related courses for a reasonable price, including Career Exploration; Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You Letter Writing; Networking/Job Search; and Interview Skills. I am very passionate about preparing students of all ages to enter the workforce. Sadly, many people take on this monstrous task, a task that is one of the most important they’ll encounter, with little to no preparation. I have seen an overwhelming amount of cases like this in all my work related to career counseling. It is far better to learn these skills early in life rather than too late or not at all.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions through e-mail or by phone at 814-279-5085.

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