Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency (PHAA)

High School at Home

23rd Annual Conference

Monday, April 16, 2018

Philip Bongiorno Conference Center

430 Union Hall Rd, Carlisle, PA 17013, (717) 243-7381;

(final conference schedule)


8:45-9:00 AM Registration and Snacks- Visit college and info tables in Hotel D

9:00-9:10 AM Welcome- Susan Richman, PHAA Board member.

9:10-9:50 AM Keynote Address by Kathryn Bell Gomes, PHAA graduate (class of 2003), daughter of Debra Bell and online math teacher at


Homeschooling: What Our Mom Did Right; What Our Mom Did Wrong

What will your kids think about homeschooling when they’re adults?


First  Breakout Session 10:00-10:50 AM

A.    Making Your Way through the College Financial Aid Maze  Elizabeth Walter and Debra Thro, CollegeAdmissionsHQ, homeschool mothers with lots of experience and expertise in this area.  

B.    Join The Excelsior! PHAA’s Student Newsletter: Learn How to Hone your Writing and Journalistic Skills, and Make Great Friends, by Working on the Staff of The Excelsior! Abby Frailey, 2017-2018 editor, and Peter Livengood, 2018-2019 editor (for students).

C.   How to Achieve Excellence in High School at Home: An Introduction to the PHAA Diploma Program Howard Richman, PHAA Executive Director.

D.   Six Secrets of a Successful College-Prep Math Program: practical solutions to some of the common pitfalls of teaching math at home Kathryn Gomes, our keynote speaker.  

Second  Breakout Session 11:00-11:50 AM

A.    Advanced Placement Online Classes from PA Homeschoolers AP Online: Add unique excellence and challenge to your program – Susan Richman (AP US History) moderator with panel of AP teachers including Kathryn Walker (AP English Language), Anna Rebmann (AP English Language), Howard Richman (Macroeconomics), Ruth Green (AP English Lit), Bonnie Gonzalez (AP Psychology) and Julia Reed (AP US Govt and AP Comparative Govt) and Jody Best (lead-in-to-AP Language Arts).

B.    PHED Talks Five minute speeches by students with prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Speech teacher Shay Jones, moderator & judge. Contestants: Addie Best, Jonah Brown, Rebekah Fodale, Naomi Fossa, Peter Livengood, David Richman and. Sarah Richman.

C.   What’s so Valuable about Having Evaluations? Timothy Anger with panel of experienced evaluators including Natalie Bishop, Linda Blocker, Anne Hawthorne & Patti Stoudt. For parents and evaluators.  

D.   High Tech Careers: Your Ticket to the Future Don Hill moderator with panel of admissions officers from Harrisburg U., Johnson and Wales U and Triangle Tech. Gain insight into career training for fields in demand today.

Luncheon Buffet 12:00-12:50 PM  -- Head to the Dining Hall!


Third  Breakout Session 1:00-1:50 PM 

A.   Making the Transition to High School at Home – for mothers only. A panel of mothers who’ve successfully done it – moderated by Margaret Pasztor with Aldrea Brown, Gail DeMaria, Shannon Fodale Sally Lind, Michelle Livengood and Patricia Richman.

B.    Free-Lancing in the Arts: Using your homeschool/college years to prepare for a free-lance life Anna Rebmann, AP English teacher and professional actress.

C.   How to Bring the Outside World and Work Ethic into your Homeschool especially for fathers. Don Hill & Laszlo Pasztor.

D.   Educating the Adolescent Brain: What makes the difference and what differences are key? –Timothy Anger and Bonnie Gonzalez.

Fourth  Breakout Session 2:00-2:50 PM

A.    How to Use the New PHAA Transcript Program Howard Richman, PHAA Executive Director and transcript program programmer (for evaluators).

B.    Student Photography Contest  Peter Livengood moderator. Five minute presentations by students with prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Contestants: Austin Beaumont, Jonah Brown, Alexa Gauvreau, Jesse Lind, Peter Livengood, Andrew Stein and Alex Vogelgesang. Photography judged just before conference by Tonya Martin, proprietor of Empty Nest Photography Studio and mother of PHAA grads.

C.   College Scholarships and Homeschoolers: Thinking Outside the Box! Susan Richman, PHAA board member.  

D.   Mentoring and Directing your Child’s Future    Bonnie Gonzalez and Laszlo Pasztor, PHAA board members.

Afternoon Refreshment Break 2:50-3:20 PM  - Free Snacks, visit tables in Hotel D.


Student Performances! 3:20 – 3:50  - Hotel D – Susan Richman, moderator. Winning Student PHED Talks & Student Photography slide show.  Awards for first and second place winners!


Fifth  Breakout Session 4:00 to 4:50 PM

A.    PHAA Annual Membership Meeting – Elect a Board Member. Consider by-laws changes. Discuss Conference chaired by Howard Richman, PHAA Executive Director (for PHAA members: parents and evaluators).

B.    Writing a Powerful College Application Essay  Ruth Green, AP English Literature teacher (for students, parents welcome too).

C.   Are the Military Academies and/ or Military Service for You? The How, What and Why of Military Service Julia Reed, AP Government online instructor, homeschooling mother, retired Air Force Lt. Col. and Air Force Academy liaison in the state of PA.

D.   Question and Answer session about College Admissions: Straight Answers that Help you Make Realistic Decisions and Set Do-able Goals Deborah Walker and Liz Thro, of CollegeAdmissionsHQ, homeschool mothers with lots of experience and expertise in this area.



Room Key:  A=Hotel A     B=Hotel B     C=Hotel C     D=Hotel D