High School Newsletter Free to Member Families

by Howard Richman

Anyone who wishes may subscribe to our high school student newsletter by sending a $10 check (for the next 4 issues) made out to PHAA and mailed to Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency, 105 Richman LN, Kittanning, PA 16201.

However, if you are the supervisor of a Pennsylvania home education program and have a homeschooled high school student in your family who is planning to get a diploma accredited by Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency, you can join PHAA now and get a free subscription to the Excelsior, PHAA's high school student newsletter, until your high schooler graduates. Also PHAA's evaluators get free subscriptions

Some people think that you pay the $35 membership (filing) fee every year. That is not true. You just pay once. You can wait until your teen is about to graduate, or you can pay now and get a free subscription to the high school student newsletter in the meantime. Once you file, you are members of PHAA and entitled to attend the annual membership meeting where directors are elected and changes in the bylaws are proposed. You could also vote by mail on any proposed changes in the bylaws.

The Excelsior is edited by a different high school senior every year. It is about 12 pages in length, comes out four times a year (usually September, December, March, and June) and is full of articles written by homeschooled high school students.

If you want to join PHAA (and you are the Supervisor of a PA home education program with a high schooler) send the $35 check accompanied by the PHAA filing form. That form is available in the Guide to the PA Homeschoolers Diploma, and can also be downloaded from the Internet.

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