PHAA's Core Courses for NCAA Eligibility

by Howard Richman

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency (PHAA) is recognized by the NCAA. As a result, PHAA graduates can easily get athletic scholarships.

As part of its Academic eligibility requirements NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) requires that its Division I and Division II scholarship recipients have taken a sufficient number of core courses while achieving a high enough grade point average. Click here for more information about the NCAA's academic eligibility requirements

If you plan to apply for an NCAA athletic scholarships to college, you should stick, as much as possible, to our core course titles on their transcripts since other titles will not be considered "core courses" by the NCAA: And when you create an account with the NCAA, be sure to just list yourself on the forms as a school student with school code "392057." If you identify yourself as a homeschooled student, they will ask you for extra procedures.

English Core Courses:

Mathematics Core Courses:

Social Studies Core Courses:

Science Core Courses:

Additional Core Courses:

Click here to go to type in our school code (392057) and see the same list on the NCAA website

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