Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

"You are a certified teacher, and we need you to evaluate our home school students." This is the invitation I received in 1996 from a friend, a mother of ten children, which opened the door of home school education to me.

I retired from 28 years of teaching reading in public schools on June 30, 2005. I taught seventh and eighth grade students in West York Middle School, York, PA, the strategies for how to "read to learn" for eighteen years. My additional ten years of teaching middle school students to read and write were in Baltimore, MD., Waterford, Conn, Red Lion, PA and Gettysburg, PA. I have also tutored adults for the GED Test preparation and given individual instruction in reading and writing to students in both elementary and high school.

From the first three students I evaluated in 1996 to an average of 21 families with 41 students that I currently evaluate, I have come to view my part as an evaluator as a ministry I can offer to support the home school movement. I keep a file of ideas and materials that work for different home schools and share these ideas for resources to enhance the programs of my clients. As a reading specialist, I offer strategies for reluctant readers, too.

I am an evaluator who is enthusiastic about the accomplishments of my clients. Each feels comfortable and accepted when he or she sits at my kitchen table with the portfolio, log and book to read aloud to me.

"Are you going to do evaluations next year? Please don't stop, at least for three more years until all mine graduate!" This is a typical comment that I receive from my clients.

My clients usually call me from mid-May to early June to set up appointments. I do evaluations at my home before June 30 which is the deadline for having evaluations filed in PA school districts.

Barb Borgal
Home address: 26 Woodvale Rd.
Airville, PA 17302
Mailing address: PO Box 117
Fawn Grove, PA 17321

Cell phone: 614-464-7581

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