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Diana Jensen

I have 28 + years of home school experience, mentoring, and teaching. I offer evaluations for students K-12th grade.  I also do home school consultations to meet any need of the families that I serve.  I also specialize in college planning & helping high school students to earn college credit in their high school years. Instead of just giving a standard evaluation form, I also offer personalized summaries for each student evaluated. This summary details highlights of the school year and celebrates the accomplishments of the student. Students and parents appreciate these two-page summaries, or I can simply provide the standard evaluation form, if desired.

I have six sons and have been home educating for over 28 years. I have already graduated five of my sons with PHAA (Pennsylvania Home School Accreditation Agency), and am still educating my "baby." I have many years of experience with home schooling and have been very active and involved in the home school community. My many years of teaching, along with my passion for helping other home schooling parents,  allows me to serve home schooling parents in a variety of ways.

I am a graduate of West Chester University with a B.A. in Social Work and Psychology. Before starting a family, I worked with many school districts and various other social agencies including Children and Youth Services. In addition to home educating my own children, I have continued my own schooling. I have attended numerous conferences and workshops on teaching and education, and attended many curriculum fairs to remain current on the many different teaching tools available to the home school community.

Over the years, I have been involved in different home school groups and taught in these groups. I have taught numerous group classes with many home schoolers over the years. I continue to mentor many home schooling mothers and help to establish new parents in home schooling through personalized consultations. I am well acquainted with the home school law, so I have been able to guide parents so that they are fully compliant with the requirements of the law, and understand how to work well with their own school districts.

I have always made up my own curriculum for our children, using a variety of resources that were adapted for their particular learning styles. As such, I am very familiar with many different types of curricula that home educators may use. One unique aspect of my own home education program with my children was incorporating distance learning in the high school years. This has added a lot of challenges and additional responsibilities for my students, but it has paid off tremendously. Our hard work in the high school years with distance learning, CLEP courses, Dante's courses, and taking classes at a local college allowed my oldest sons to enter college as sophomores! That saved them thousands of dollars in tuition! Our sons have gone on to be very successful in their career pursuits. Our home education program has laid a strong foundation for our sons to be successful in higher education. Based on my own work and success in this area, I also serve as an advisor to help families with career counseling for their high school students.

I have a passion for teaching and helping others to be successful in their educational pursuits and equipping students with a solid education. As an evaluator and consultant, my years of experience are a valuable asset to other home schooling parents. Feel free to check out my Facebook page: Diana Jensen – Home School Consultant and Evaluator.

Diana Jensen

520 Jared Way, New Holland, PA 17557

Reach me via texting or calling my cell: 484-459-2670



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