Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Donald Stettner EdD

I and my agency have been providing services to school-age students, in particular to student(s) schooled in their homes for over the past thirty years. My children were homeschooled and have received the highest awards and grants in high school and at top-notch universities including admission with numerous scholarships at post-university doctorate degree graduate law school(s).

I have been in education my entire professional adult life. I have taught all levels of students--Pre-School to Doctoral including many years of special education services, as a teacher, professor, and an administrator. My complete resume will also be provided to you.

I have and hold current valid licenses and/or state certifications as a: Professional Counselor, Teacher/Special Education Teacher, Child/School Psychologist, and Supervisor/Administrator. I have earned the National Board’s distinction as both a Diplomate and Fellow in each of my respective professional fields of specialization.

My goal during an evaluation of a home school student is to make the experience pleasurable and valuable for the student and the family. Our expectations are consistent with any and all state and/or school district requirements for home school students. When ethically possible, we will certify that your child is receiving an appropriate education; otherwise, we will assist you to ensure your child is receiving an appropriate education at no additional cost to you. We will accompany you to the school district and/or any related hearing as you may be required for portfolio review or defense.

In general, the one and one half hour evaluation can be scheduled at your location or one of our two professional offices in the North Pittsburgh area. The actual evaluation process will be discussed when we speak to you to schedule the evaluation. This includes what we will need from you when we begin, and to mail you additional forms or data that you may not have available.

Each of our professionals will automatically provide you with any and all clearances from the state welfare department/police: child abuse/criminal/schools; references, malpractice insurance, professional disclosures, and related data prior to any work with your child. You, as the child’s home school supervisor, will be required to be present during our evaluation of your child.

Also at no cost to you, we provide letters of recommendation, information on GED, school district, accredited, or correspondence diplomas, and achievement and/or adaptive testing at your option--even if it is not required.

The cost for our home school evaluation is very reasonable and consistent with other W. PA evaluator’s fees but we also include bonuses of year around support offered at no additional charge as part of our evaluation process. You will receive a very detailed highly specific and positive, portfolio ready and measurable/verifiable accurate report within three business days. We look forward to being of service to you. Please call (412) 931-HELP (4357) to leave a message when best to call you or feel free to call Dr. Stettner’s direct line at: 412-608-0063; if our secretary picks up (Marci) she can answer any question(s) you may have and schedule your appointment with the first of five qualified homeschool doctors available.

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