Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Elizabeth Ferry

Elizabeth Ferry

38 Mt Rock Rd.

Newville, PA 17241



Elizabeth Ferry has a BS in French Education K-12 from Millersville University, and is a Pennsylvania certified teacher.  She has taught at private school and public schools for 5 years.  She has been home educating her children for the past 11 years.  Since the mid 90s, she has had experience teaching, tutoring, and testing elementary through university levels.  Elizabeth is extremely knowledgeable about different learning styles, home education methods, and is understanding of how each family utilizes what works best for their children.


Passionately interested in the field of education, she will enable your child to feel comfortable during the interview, and will help the parent/supervisor meet the child's educational needs under the home education law.  The evaluation form will vary according to the needs of the family, the program or curriculum followed, and the requirements of the PA Home Education Law.  Clients usually call or email her from March to early May to schedule appointments.  She does evaluations at home before June 25th, as the deadline is the 30th for the evaluations to be filed in PA school districts.  Travel is possible if a group of families will be evaluated in one day, as well as discounts available for the group.  Please contact her with any questions, or for more information.


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