Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Maria Ann Geffers

Educational Consultant and Homeschool Evaluator

College Cash Consulting and Educational Services
PA Homeschool Consulting and Tutoring

With over 30 years in the education field involving levels from secondary, university in both the public and private school systems.  Maria created various educational programs in the fields of regular and gifted education.

Maria has the hands-on experiences of gathering data and creating educational curriculum on the academic needs of both gifted and regular ed. students and AP students that included but not limited to college planning, scholarship searching, career planning, administrating personality inventories, learning style inventories, expression inventories and interest inventories, cognitive assessments, reading and math assessments, coordinating job shadow experiences, college entrance applications, test preparation and resume writing.

As a recognized and published leader in education whose background includes graduate work at University of Pennsylvania and William and Mary College, Maria was awarded several grants that included two National Educational Association (NEA) grants, the Appalachian Regional Award grant, Pennsylvania Governor School for Educational Leadership, and MAGPI/Internet 2 grant that connected local students with international students.  She has presented at National, State, and Local educational conferences on a broad array of topics that included gifted education, preparing for college, and Gifted Women in Careers and Education. She is a member of PA Association of College Admissions Counselor , Associate Member of Independent Educational Consultant Association. Member of the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce.

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