Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

PHAA Virtual Conference -- Monday, March 14, 2022

9am: Keynote Address: Homeschooling:  Taking the Next Step in Times of Uncertainty – Speaker – Bonnie Gonzalez

Thread 1

10am: Meeting the PHAA Public Speaking goal in Meaningful Ways – Shay Jones, PHAA evaluator and college speech teacher.

11am: Ins and outs of the PHAA diploma program – requirements, examples, a chance to get all your questions answered, Dr. Howard Richman, PHAA executive director.

Noon: Utilizing Cyber Resources –Connecting Homeschoolers Using Cyber Resources,  Edith Sarnoff and Julie Abel.

1pm: So You Need to Write a Research Paper – helping students through the process and gaining a vision for the task, Dr. Patti Stoudt, PHAA evaluator and writing instructor.

2pm:  Improving Mental Health at Home:  Games, Humor, Dancing, Hiking, Family Devotions – panel discussion led by Howard Richman, Don Hill, Jesse Richman and Laszlo Pasztor, Jr.  

3pm: Making the Transition to High School at Home – have all your questions answered while you gather ideas to figure out your next step – a panel of mothers: Patricia Richman, Heather Ramsay and PHAA Administrative Assistant Rachel Hill.

Thread 2

10am: What Steps Are Needed to be Ready for College – Susan Richman, Edith Sarnoff and Julie Abel

11am: Excelsior Webzine – creating online and bringing students together virtually, discussion session especially for students led by Julia Dutill and the Excelsior Staff.

Noon: Developing Leadership Skills – Student panel, moderator Susan Richman

1pm: Evaluators Session: Preparing the Common App for your evaluees led by Audrey Johnson, Susan Richman, and Bonnie Gonzalez

2pm: AP Courses forming an AP community with your fellow AP students, discussion session led by Susan Richman with a panel of students in AP Online classes.

3pm – 4:40pm: Advanced Placement, Honors and Summer Courses from PA Homeschoolers AP Online, presented by Susan Richman and a panel of AP teachers.