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PHAA Conference Contests Participation Form


This is your form for entering your entry or entries into the competitions that will be at PHAA's upcoming conference. If you enter, you will present your entry at the conference. Only those who will attend the conference can enter the competition.

Your audience at the conference will mostly consist of fellow students. All entries will be judged by professionals and all entrants will get feedback from the judges. For each contest, the winners will receive $50 and also present to the entire conference at 3:20pm. Second place will receive $25, and third place will receive $10. There will be three contests at the conference:

  1. A PHED talk where you give a 3-5-minute speech on your community service, and fulfill your yearly speech requirement at the same time. Your speeches will be judged by a college speech teacher.
  2. A photography contest where you enter 10 digital photographs that you took yourself and have them judged before the conference by a professional photographer.
  3. A talent show in which you share a musical performance, a poem, magic tricks, dancing, juggling, a martial arts performance, or another talent. Your performance will be judged by a former circus family.

If you submit an entry now and want to change it later, don't worry, you can. All final entries, however, must be submitted at least one week before the conference. (If you Email you could get permission to post your entry after that.) You can enter, one, two or all three contests with the same entry form:

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