2013 PHAA Graduation Ceremonies

When and Where: You have your choice of two graduation ceremonies this year:

Reservations: Just use the form towards the bottom of this page to purchase tickets in advance. Also, if you have a graduate, make sure your graduate fills in the form at the very bottom of this page and mails it in to be listed in the graduation program. You can buy caps, gowns and tassels from http://www.homeschooldiploma.com/phaa-2011.html. (Order by April 30 for the best price!) Alternatively, graduates could wear a cap and gown obtrained from another source. (We always have a wide variety of colors of caps and gowns to represent the wide diversity of our graduates.)

Price: The price of tickets if paid in advance is $3 per seat in advance, $5 at door (no tickets needed for those graduating). Seating is virtually unlimited in Central PA, but you will need to call ahead (724-783-6512) to reserve tickets at the door in Western PA.

Directions: You will receive directions with your tickets, sent via US mail.

Program: Each graduation ceremony will begin with graduates proceeding into the hall in caps and gowns, accompanied by Pomp and Circumstance, and sit together in a reserved section in front. Following the Invocation and Commencement address (by PHAA parent and world-renowned biochemist Michael Behe, author of the theory of irreplaceable complexity, a component of the theory of intelligent design), selected students will give speeches sharing highlights of their homeschooling, interspersed with poetry and musical performances by graduates and their families. At the end of the evening, families will come up on the stage one by one to award graduates their diplomas. Finally the graduates will lead the procession out of the auditorium.

Who: All homeschooling families with well-behaved children are invited to attend. We expect to have room for as many family friends, relatives, and evaluators as wish to attend.

Clothing: Be sure to wear formal church dress (i.e. no jeans, shorts or T-shirts).

Graduates: You have to be receiving your diploma from PHAA to participate. Families will receive diplomas before the ceremony begins when they sign in. Unfortunately we may not have enough time in the program (especially at the Central PA ceremony) to accommodate all of those who wish to speak or perform. Difficult decisions will be made in order to insure variety and the best possible talks and performances. PHAA evaluation letters will be consulted when it is necessary to choose between similar performances. Preference will be given to performances using live music over those accompanied by CD.

NOTE: You must still send the Diploma Request Form!

Reservation Form

Deadlines: Postmark by the following dates:

This year’s graduates, please fill in this section and enclose a short (maximum 50 word) biography of yourself written in ‘3rd person’ for the printed program.

Grad’s full name: __________________________________

Would you like to give a 5 minute speech telling some highlights of your home education? (If so, please enclose the current draft of your speech. We will notify you if you are on the program.)
YES NO (circle)

Would you like to present a musical selection, poem, or skit? (If so, please enclose a brief description and time requirements. We will notify you if you are on the program.).
YES NO (circle)

Number of Tickets for Ceremony:

____ # tickets for the Western PA ceremony, $3 each.

____ # tickets for the Central PA ceremony, $3 each.

______ Total. Make check to ‘PHAA’

Name: ___________________________________

Address: _________________________________


Phone: ____________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________

Send registration form postmarked by June 4 to:

105 Richman LN
Kittanning, PA 16201

Make checks payable to PHAA.

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Here are some photos from our 2009 Ceremony at the Forum in Harrisburg

The above photo shows Tasia Gilbert surrounded by her sisters singing. (Tasia's father was our commencement speaker at our 2010 ceremony in Harrisburg.)


The above photo shows Dr. Howard Richman, PHAA Executive Director at the ceremony.

The above photo shows Michael Behe, our commencement speaker, talking about the importance of standing up for what is true, even if it hurts your career

The above photos show Leo Behe, Anna Rebman, Patricia Powles, and Judith Ayers giving graduation speeches at the ceremony

The above photo shows the Merkell family singing at the ceremony

The above phtos show Barron Lacy and Natalie Wentz playing piano at the ceremony.

The above photo shows Olivia Meldrum singing at the ceremony. You can just see the neck of the guitar that her father Linus Meldrum is holding.

The above photo shows Daniel Faehl playing his own composition on both necks at the same time of a two necked guitar at the ceremony.