High School at Home Program

PHAA Fifth Annual Conference, Friday, July 21, 2000, Harrisburg Marriott Hotel

8:45-9:30 Registration Pick up your packet at the registration desk. Then visit the vendor and college tables in the Assembly Corridor (the foyer of the Main Lobby on the third floor) which will be open until 4:00.

9:30 - 9:45 Welcome and Introduction (General Session in Salon B, third floor)

First Session 10 - 10:50 AM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)

A-- Technical Education and Career Opportunities -- Kay Walker and Josie Henning, Penn Tech

B-- Father's Role in High School at Home-- Larry Paladin & David Boyd

C-- Intro to the Advanced Placement Program-- Susan Richman

D-- PHAA Evaluator's Meeting-- Karen Boyd, Howard Richman, Phyllis Paladin

E-- College Admissions for Homeschool Students-- Jane Hippensteel (HACC), Jennifer Black (Beaver College), and Jim Cavalier (Carnegie-Mellon University).

Second Session 11 - 11:50 AM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)

A-- Driver Education-- an Update on the New PA Driving Law-- Mike Yee

B-- High School at Home: An Introduction to the PHAA diploma program -- Howard Richman

C-- Using Competitions for Motivation in all subject areas! -- Susan Richman

D-- Distance Courses-- Keystone, Virtual University, (Judy Tisdale, moderator)

E-- Opportunities available at Private and Catholic Colleges -- Lauren Gross, moderator, with a panel of admissions officers from Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts (Margaret Manning), Beaver College (Jessica Black), Carnegie-Mellon University (Jim Cavalier), La Roche College (Kelly Jeroski), and Marywood University (Christopher Lewis).

Noon - 1 PM Buffet Lunch (free) in Salon A and in the Pennsylvania Ballroom on the third floor

Third Session 1 - 1:50 PM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)

A-- AP Psychology (Gary Welton), AP Biology (Lauren Gross), AP English Language (Mary Ann DiEdwardo), AP Economics (Howard Richman)

B-- Financial Planning for College-- Jonathan Heller (PHAA Grad 1995)

C-- Debate for Teens-- Karen Caroe

D-- Building accountability, motivation and enjoyment into the high school curriculum-- Phyllis Paladin

E-- Opportunities available at Public Colleges -- Erin O'Donovan, moderator, with a panel of admissions officers from Shippensburg University (Jennifer A. Fisher), Mansfield University (John Atkins), HACC (Jane Hippensteel), CCAC (Patty Yaksik), Penn College (Kay Walker & Josie Henning), and Penn State University (Connie Clancy).

Fourth Session 2 - 2:50 PM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)

A-- Using Computers for Education-- Karen Boyd

B-- Science at Home-- Wendy O'Donovan

C-- Public Speaking for Teens-- Karen Caroe

D-- Project-oriented homeschooling at the high school level-- Natalie Bishop

E-- Scholarships and Financial Aid 101 --Deb Lucas (Messiah College) moderator with Kelly Jeroski (La Roche College), Jennifer Fisher (Shippensburg University), and Jessica Black (Beaver College)

F-- AP Internet Teachers meet at PA Homeschoolers table.

Fifth Session 3 - 3:50 PM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)

A-- Lessons I learned adding High School to the juggling act (the experiences of an ordinary homeschool mom!)-- Nancy Emerson

B-- PHAA Membership Meeting-- Howard Richman

C-- College-Prep Writing-- for Everyone! -- Elaine Huber

D-- The Excelsior: (PHAA's student newsletter) Become a Part of It! -- Mark Tisdale and Staff

E-- Opportunities Available at Evangelical Christian Colleges--Jonathan Heller, moderator, with a panel of admissions officers from Messiah College (Deb Lucas), Elim Bible Institute (Traci Williams), Geneva College, and Philadelphia College of Bible (Ryan Kiefer).


4-4:50 PM Homeschool Graduates Panel (General Session in Salons B third floor) Molly Richman, moderator, with Jonathan Heller, Erin O'Donovan, and Joshua Boyd.

(Key: Trees on First Floor, Salons on Third: A=Chestnut & Dogwood, B=Hemlock, C=Salon C, D=Salon D, E=Salon E)




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B: LCD Projector: Mike Yee



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