High School at Home Program

PA Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency Fourth Annual Conference

Saturday, July 17, 1999, Harrisburg Marriott Hotel

8:45-9:30 Registration – Pick up your packet at the registration desk. Then visit the vendor and college tables in the Assembly Corridor (the foyer of the Main Lobby on the third floor).

9:30 - 9:45 Welcome and Introduction (General Session in Salons C, D, and E, third floor)

First Session 10 - 10:50 AM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)

  1. Success Skill Building-- Margaret Manning Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts
  2. Moving into High School with Lots of Kids, and Still Keeping Your Cool-- Susan Eipper
  3. Intro to the Advanced Placement Program-- Susan Richman
  4. PHAA Evaluator's Meeting-- Howard Richman & Karen Boyd
  5. College Admissions for Homeschooled Students—Jenny Cobble Geneva College
Second Session 11 - 11:50 AM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)
  1. Math Enrichment for the Secondary Years-- Jane Rimmer
  2. How to Choose a College that's Right for You-- David McMillan, Houghton College
  3. AP US History (Susan Richman), AP European History (Stephen McCamman), AP Music Theory (Dennis and Sue Davis), French Language (Joy Johnston)
  4. Opportunities at Public Colleges Panel-- Moderator Jesse Richman, graduate of University of Pittsburgh Honors College with Nan Flesher Penn State York, Tisa Mortorf Harrisburg Area Community College, and Barbara Hunsberger Millersville University.
  5. College-Prep Writing-- for Everyone! -- Debra Bell and Karen Boyd
Noon - 1 PM Buffet Lunch (free) in Salon A on the third floor.

Third Session 1 - 1:50 PM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)

  1. Foreign Langauge at Home-- Joy Johnston (and possibly a representative from Powerglide)
  2. Taming Test Jitters-- Susan Richman and Patricia Hill Richman
  3. AP English courses-- Ruth Staver, Barbara Young, Mary Ann DiEdwardo
  4. Co-oping: How to Organize Successful High School Classes-- Debra Bell, Patti Dunkin
  5. Christian Colleges Panel-- Moderator Donald Hoover, with David Ceton Philadelphia College of the Bible, Deb Lucas Messiah College, David McMillan Houghton College, Jenny Cobble Geneva College, Traci Williams Elam Bible Institute, and Misty Blount Nyack College.
Fourth Session 2 - 2:50 PM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)
  1. Science at Home-- Karen Boyd
  2. Distance Learning Courses from Millersville and Keystone– Barbara Hunsberger Millersville University and Kevin McCloskey Keystone National High School.
  3. AP Economics (Howard Richman), AP Calculus (Eric Eipper), AP Computer Science (Cynthia Lang), AP Statistics (Matt Dailey)
  4. Unique Experiences Available at Private Colleges-- Moderator Susan Richman with Janaya Pennell Wilson College, Margaret Manning Bradley Academy for the Arts, Carol Bankert York Technical Institute and Jessica Black Beaver College
  5. Apprenticeship and Career Exploration-- Debra Bell
Fifth Session 3 - 3:50 PM (for room assignments see key at bottom of page)
  1. Music Opportunities for Homeschoolers-- Natalie Bishop
  2. Entrepreneurship for Teens-- Brian Hill and Joshua Boyd
  3. AP Teachers Discussion (only for on-line AP teachers)-- Ruth Staver coordinating
  4. Financial Aid and Scholarships Panel, Jenny Cobble, Geneva College, Misty Blount Nyack College and any other college admissions folks who would like to participate.
  5. PHAA Annual Membership Meeting (Elect a Board member and propose and discuss changes in Bylaws).

4-4:50 PM Homeschool Graduates Panel (General Session in Salons C, D, and E, third floor) – Jesse Richman, moderator, with Patricia Hill Richman, Andrea Bean, Brian Hill, and Joshua Boyd.

(Key: These rooms are on the First Floor: A=Ash, B=Birch, C=Chestnut, D=Dogwood, E=Elm & Fir)