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Family portrait by Sarah Richman, then age 5

The Homeschool Journal Solution

from Jesse Richman

[This article first appeared in Issue 101 (winter 2007-2008) of the PENNSYLVANIA HOMESCHOOLERS® newsletter.]

I’ve known about the Homeschoolers Journal for about twenty years. When I was a teen I shipped thousands of them while working for Pennsylvania Homeschoolers. However, this fall Patricia and I discovered the Homeschoolers’ Journal for the first time. It changed our Saturdays and our lives.

Patricia plans out homeschooling activities for the upcoming week on Saturdays. I endeavor to distract, amuse or library the children while she plans. Last year Patricia handled school planning using a forty-dollar set of planning pages from Franklin Covey.

The Franklin Covey pages had interesting quotes for every day, and several kinds of boxes for writing notes, prioritizing and scheduling-- but they were not designed for homeschooling. The result: planning took a long time, and was more stressful. Patricia wrote that she wanted to write her own curriculum but “when I write my own, I’m tired and don’t enjoy homeschooling because it takes too much out of me.”

Enter the Homeschooler’s Journal, acquired while visiting Pennsylvania in August. The Journal puts planning for a week on a two page spread with boxes for different subjects/children. It makes it easy to plan activities and record them, to tell at a glance whether one subject area needs more thought, and to quickly evaluate what we have done.

The Homeschoolers’ Journal helped Patricia cut planning time in half while merging many more resources into planning a rich mix of activities, learning sessions and read-aloud times for our children.

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