Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Bill to Reduce Superintendent Oversight Passes House

by Howard Richman

[This article first appeared in Issue 94 (Spring, 2006) of the PENNSYLVANIA HOMESCHOOLERS® newsletter.]

The language of Rep. Fleagle´s moderate homeschool bill (House Bill 505) that would limit superintendent oversight over homeschoolers passed the PA House of Representatives on November 1 as a rider upon House Bill 280.

If it passes the Senate and gets signed by the Governor, homeschoolers would no longer have to turn in their portfolios to the local school superintendent. They would just turn in the evaluation letter.

House Bill 280 is now in the Senate Education Committee, along with a Senate version with the same measures, Senate Bill 1023. It would still need to pass the Senate Education Committee and the Senate and then be signed by the governor in order to be enacted into law. Susan and I and all of the other statewide leaders negotiated this bill as one that we could all support.

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) reported in early February: “Senate Bill 1023, the bill removing superintendents from evaluating home education programs, is stalled in the Senate Education Committee. Your calls to the Chairman of the Committee are needed to get this bill moving. Unless the Senate Education Committee passes this bill and sends it to the full Senate for a vote, it will die for lack of action. The Chairman of the Senate Education Committee is Senator James Rhoades. The information we have is that he is the key legislator who is holding up passage of Senate Bill 1023.”

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