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Graduation Ceremonies Participation Form


This is your form for entering your biography and/or performance for the upcoming Graduation Ceremonies.

If you submit an entry now and want to change it later, you can do so if you change it before the final program is put together (about 48 hours before the ceremony). Your biographies will be in the ceremony program. Your sound tracks, videos or slide shows will be available to be played at the ceremony.

If you have trouble using this form, please call Howard Richman (724-783-6512) right away.

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Carla Carvalho
Sarah Vogelgesang
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Jonathan Charles Noble
Esther Amy Mitchell
Olivia Geramita
Isabelle Alessi
Sarah Catherine Richman
Benjamin Todd Lacy
James Michael Mallozzi
Benjamin Todd Lacy
Lydia Hope Victor
Adam Emerson Wyeth
James Michael Mallozzi
Jaliece Keturah Horn
Kathryn Hartley
Courtney Blackman
Howard Richman

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