Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Graduation Ceremony Uploading Form

Graduating Students:

Use this page to upload everything for the ceremony. (You also need to pay the $10 per family fee in the PHAA Store.) Everything is due by Monday, May 31, 2021

  1. Five photos of yourself (with one of the photos showing you in cap and gown and one with your family).
  2. A 50-word biography of yourself.
  3. An up to 90 seconds long .mp4 video clip showing your parents flipping your hat tassel from their left-side to the right-side and optionally saying a few words. When submitted, these video clips will definitely be included in the program.
  4. (optional) An up to 5 minute performance submitted as an .mp4 file. In addition to the quality of the performance, the quality of the video will play a role as to which are chosen.

If you have trouble using this form, please call Howard Richman (724-783-6512) right away.

Information about Yourself

Howard Richman
Meagan Stremmel
Meagan Stremmel
Grace Barnett
Grace Barnett
Mike Behe
Nathan Zufall
Nathan Zufall
Hannah Duckett
Janae Horn
Aaron Ditzel
David Richman
Aaron Edward Ditzel
Michael McGeary
Susan Richman
Suzy Richman
Hannah Blackman
Steven Trettel
Ava Moss
Matthew Mazzetti
Keira Frankman
Keira Frankman
Eli Masenheimer
Eli Masenheimer
Luke Hoffman
Greg Moss
Gerard Behe
Gerard Behe

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