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On one side, 2,000 homeschooling families who had never before engaged in political action. On the other side, the teacher's unions, the school board association and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. At stake, the very survival of home education as an alternative to school education in Pennsylvania.

This is the story of a homeschooling bill that was enacted through a grass roots legislative effort spanning four and a half years, from September 1984 to the end of 1988.

It is the story of democracy in action. In this age of professional lobbyists and PAC funds, sometimes we wonder if the people can overcome the lobbies of the special interests.

This is the story of some effective legislators of integrity, particularly a Republican representative, Joe Pitts, who took on the homeschooling bill as his personal cause, and the Democratic Chair of the House Education Committee, Ron Cowell, who took on a politically unpopular cause and set out to forge a compromise solution to a serious problem.

It is the story of hundreds of homeschooling families in Pennsylvania who stepped out of their personal lives for a few months or a few years, and fought the battle for right against wrong.

Each chapter in this book begins with a short excerpt describing how bills become laws from a pamphlet that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives distributes. This pamphlet tells about the part of the legislative iceberg which is above the surface. In this book I will try to describe the rest of the iceberg as well. <

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