Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

If you are a homeschooler in Pennsylvania, you live in one of the only states in the country where you can graduate as a homeschooler and receive a recognized diploma. The Pennsylvania Department of Education trusts homeschool organizations to maintain the quality of the diplomas that they award. And PHAA has been fulfilling that trust since 1991.

Want an Accredited Diploma?

PHAA is one of the diploma-granting organizations, recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to provide diplomas to graduates of Pennsylvania home education programs. When PHAA was first recognized, the PDE recognized PHAA as an accreditation agency that can accredit homeschool programs under 22 Pa Code § 121.21 which states:

(c) For purposes of the State Higher Education Grant Program, an approved secondary school shall also include any home education program that is accredited by any home schooling accreditation agency approved by the Department of Education....

Moreover, PHAA requires that its evaluators write narrative evaluation letters, and PHAA attaches those evaluation letters to all of the transcripts that it sends out to colleges and employers. Also PHAA requires that its students do lots of reading, writing and public speaking, insuring that they be literate and well prepared for college. As a result, PHAA has an excellent reputation with colleges and employers. No wonder PHAA graduates are sometimes given preferential treatment.

Interested in PHAA’s Diploma Program?

If you have a high school student being homeschooled under the PA Home Education Law click here to join PHAA as a member family. Click here for the application to join PHAA as a member evaluator. For more information, download the free Guide to PA Homeschoolers Diploma (pdf) which explains PHAA's standards and procedures or the free Guide to PA Homeschool Law (pdf) which explains the PA Home Education Law.

Learn about the unique challenges and opportunities of high school at home

Every year, PHAA brings homeschoolers, parents, students and evaluators together to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of doing high school at home. For 24 years, we held our High School at Home Conferences at physical locations. But starting with March 30, 2020, due to the coronavirus, we began holding it online. All PHAA members are privately emailed links that they can use to participate free, live and online in the sessions. Most sessions will later be uploaded to YouTube and you will be able to access them from PHAA's FaceBook page. The links for participating online also appear on the last page of the Excelsior issue that comes out prior to the conference. Click here for more information about this year's conference.

Find a PHAA Evaluator

At the end of each year, PHAA evaluators meet with homeschool families to review the student’s portfolio, interview the student, and award credits by filling out and signing a PHAA transcript. Whether your student is in third grade or twelfth grade, using a PHAA evaluator will help you comply with the evaluation requirements of the PA Home Education Law. They can also make the transition into high school as smooth as possible. Choose an evaluator near you. Several PHAA evaluators tell about themselves in the PHAA Evaluators Listing.

Connect with high school homeschooled students: Join the Excelsior Staff

Join the Excelsior Staff! PHAA publishes a state-wide, student-run newsletter called the Excelsior which is edited by a different senior each year and is available (on one of our private websites) to all PHAA members. All students in the PHAA diploma program are invited to join ths staff, which has its own website.

Attention Buxmont Christian Educational Institute Families

As a service to Buxmont Christian Educational Institute (BCEI) which ceased operations in June 2016, PHAA sends out transcripts for BCEI graduates. Click here to download the BCEI Transcript Request form which you can send in by snail mail (cost $10 per transcript) or Click here to order and pay for a "rushed" transcript online (cost $15 per transcript).