Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Transcript Requests

The PHAA transcript is put together by the PHAA evaluator. It consists of a summary sheet of courses taken by a student and includes grades and credits earned. It also includes all of the high school evaluation letters.

When students or graduates apply to colleges or seek employment or promotions, they often need to have PHAA send their transcripts. It not only helps promote the student to the school or employer, but it also proves that the graduate is indeed a high school graduate from a recognized program.

There are three ways that the parent or student can request that PHAA send the student's high school transcript to a school or employer:

1. Mail-in Transcript Request - $10 each

The least expensive way to request a transcript is to mail in our transcript request form. You don't actually have to use the form. A handwritten request with the same information is fine.

Whenever we send off a transcript, we always send you a snail-mail letter including a receipt and a copy of the cover letter that accompanied the transcript.

Click here to open the transcript request form (pdf) in a new tab or window.

2. Rushed Transcript Request - $15 each

If you are in a hurry, you can use our online store to request that your transcript be sent off right away to a college, or to an employer. If the student is a graduate, we will only honor your request if the following two conditions are met:

If these conditions are not met, we will send you a snail-mail letter explaining why we did not send off the transcript as you requested. So if you are not sure, call us first (724-783-6512) before you pay for a rushed transcript using this page.

If the student is a current student (not a graduate), the student's file must include the current transcript as signed by your evaluator as well as evaluation letters for all of the high school years so far. (Evaluation letters are attached when we send off the transcript.) You can call us first (724-783-6512) to make sure the file is complete. If it is not complete, then instead of sending off the transcript, we will email you a note indicating which items we still need before we send off the transcript.

Whenever we send off a transcript, we send you a snail-mail letter including a receipt and a copy of the cover letter that accompanied the transcript.

Click here to see all of the options for ordering a transcript by Stripe Bank Transfer or a Credit Card when you want us to send it right away.

3. Common App Transcript Request - $15 each

More and more colleges have been using the Common Application so that you can have your school (that's us) post your transcript once (online) instead of mailing it separately (snail mail) to each college. Also, you can get recommendations posted once. The first thing you need to do is to talk to your evaluator. He or she should be your counselor. He or she can download the transcript with cover letter and evaluation letters attached as a pdf from the program that he or she uses to create the transcripts. Then he or she can upload the transcript along with a personal recommendation of the student. (If your evaluator is confused about this, he or she can call 724-783-6512 or email

You start by going up to and then you fill out the form as an "Applicant." First complete the Education Section of the application, filling in your evaluator as your "school counselor." You will have to separately select "Assign Recommenders" for each college to which your student is applying. (You can assign the same recommenders to multiple colleges.) After assigning recommenders, press the "Manage Recommenders" button and enter all the required information, including each recommender's e-mail address, so the Common Application can email each recommender an invitation.

If you will want PHAA, not your evaluator, to post your transcript to the Common App, your counselor is "Dr. Howard B. Richman" email "". Then you will need to click here to order the Common-App transcript using PayPal or a Credit Card in our online store.

4. NCAA Transcript Requests

PHAA used to post transcripts directly to the NCAA under Pennsylvania Homeschoolers NCAA Home School Umbrella Program Number: 851233. However, the NCAA no longer recognizes homeschool umbrella organizations, including PHAA, as schools. Thus we can no longer submit transcripts directly to them.

Instead, you should obtain pre-final PHAA transcripts from your evaluators (or final transcripts from PHAA) and then submit them yourself to the NCAA. Our transcript should help you get your homeschool credits accepted even though there is no longer an automatic process which guarantees that the NCAA will accept them.

Attention Buxmont Christian Educational Institute Families

As a service to Buxmont Christian Educational Institute (BCEI) which ceased operations in June 2016, PHAA sends out transcripts for BCEI graduates. Click here to download the BCEI Transcript Request form which you can send in by snail mail (cost $10 per transcript) or Click here to order and pay for a rushed BCEI transcript online (cost $15 per transcript).